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Alternative Provision for students from September 2021

The Alpha Trust has been working collaboratively with the Local Education Authority towards a new commissioning model for students requiring alternative provision which has already commenced.

This new child centred approach will ensure that alternative provision can be delivered through smaller and more bespoke centres including newly developed AP hubs based within mainstream schools to better include young people in the mainstream system.

It has been proposed by the Local Authority and The Alpha Academies Trust, that the 120 places for alternative provision previously delivered at REACH will finish in July 2021. The seven, year 11 students, currently at REACH, will be leaving in July and most staff have been re-deployed to other areas within the Alpha Trust.

In order to complete this closure process, which has been provisionally agreed by the DfE, stakeholders and interested parties are requested to submit their views on the final closure proposal.

The closing date for comments is 13th July 2021.
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Why does there need to be a change in Alternative Provision?

This is due to the fact that the LA is reforming the local Alternative Provision (AP) strategy and is proposing to move to a smaller resource bases on different sites and in-school hubs.

Why is this the first time I have heard about the closure of Reach?

The LA’s preferred AP strategy has been in the public domain since June 2020 and since then, there has been a phased reduction in the commissioning of places at Reach Academy.

How will this affect my child at Reach?

Currently, there are seven Year 11 pupils on roll at the Academy all of which are due to complete their studies at the end of the 2020/21 academic year.

If my child needs to have alternative provision for their education what will happen now?

The Local Authority have confirmed that there is sufficient capacity within the authority to meet demand. Alpha Academies Trust fully support the Local Authority in the new way of working with schools and school-based AP provision and will continue to engage with schools, colleges and Multi Academy trusts to develop this new way of working.

What will happen to the staff at Reach?

Most staff have been redeployed into other areas.

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